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10 Tips To Keep Your Children Safe at Home
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10 Tips To Keep Your Children Safe at Home

As parents, our children mean the world to us. It is extremely important that we create a safe haven for them, somewhere they can explore and grow up without constantly having to worry if they are okay. We have gathered some tips for you on how to make your home a child-safe home.


  1. It is important to install safety latches on drawers and cabinets that are easily accessible by your children.
  2. Make sure that all your sharp utensils, household cleaning products and wastebaskets away from your children's reach. If possible, place these in latched drawers or cabinets.
  3. If you live in a home with a swimming pool or jacuzzi, it is important that you never leave a child unobserved. Adult supervision is important. Also consider installing a fence around the pool.
  4. Staircases have caused a number of injuries - for both adults and kids. Keep your stairways free of clutter and install safety gates at the bottom and top of the stairs.
  5. Furniture placement should be well planned. Never put furniture that a child can climb on to near a balcony or big window.
  6. Alcohol and medicine are two things that must be kept away from the reach of children. Store these in high cabinets or cabinets with locks.
  7. If you have a fireplace, make sure that your fireplace is padded or completely blocked off. A gate will protect your child. Keep matches and fireplace tools away from your child's reach.
  8. Never leave your child alone in the bath. It takes very little water for a child to drown. Additionally, keep all electrical appliances locked in a cabinet.
  9. Regularly scour your home for small items that can become a choking hazard.

10.  Install window locks. This allows you to open the windows to a safe distance but prevent children from opening it further. Additionally, you can install a lock and key feature to your window so only the adults in the home can open the windows using a key.


Locks, fences, gates and doors are your partners in ensuring that your house is a kid-friendly house. To know more about safety and security devices, please visit our website at

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