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15 Tips For Securing Your Home

In this day and age, there is no such thing as too much security measures! Every minute, someone's security gets threatened by means of a home invasion and burglary.


To avoid any threat to your home, we've listed down some important, simple and extremely helpful tips for you.


  1. Always lock your home. Whether you are just going on a short run to the neighbour or the corner grocery store, always lock up.
  2. When moving into a new house, change all the locks and tumblers. This ensures that there are no copies of the keys, or that no one else knows the code you use.
  3. Always make it seem as though your house is occupied. The idea that there is a person in the house often makes thieves stop and rethink their decision to rob your home.
  4. If you live in a dark neighbourhood or your home entrance is in a dark area of the house, install lights. 
  5. Make sure that your alarm system works as it should. Do a couple of tests and be sure to let your neighbors know that your alarm system is working.
  6. In the event that you lose your house keys, change the locks immediately.
  7. If someone comes up to you and asks if they can use the phone, let them make the call outside or make the call yourself. Never let strangers into your home.
  8. Conceal all the wiring of your alarm system. This way, your alarms cannot be tampered with.
  9. Although trees, shrubs and garden fixtures make for a beautiful lawn or garden, these also often serve as hiding places for burglars. Your home security should be considered when trying to beautify your home.
  10. Always ask for credentials from sales people and as much as possible, do not let them into your home.
  11. Dogs are not only man's best friend; they are also great deterrents to burglars and thieves.
  12. Installing deadbolt locks on all exterior doors will help burglar-proof your home as deadbolt locks are more difficult to tamper with.
  13. Make sure your windows have a locking mechanism, as well as any glass or sliding door.
  14. It is very easy for burglars to go in through rotted wooden doors. Be sure to check all your doors and walls that they are made of solid wood.
  15. A thief can break into your home by breaking glass panels and then reaching in. Your home's glass panels should be fortified or secured with deadbolts that can only be opened using a key.


Our home, and the people in it, should always be safe. After all, our home is where the heart is.


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