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All About Door Closers
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All About Door Closers

Automatic door closers have become a necessity in many businesses, and even our homes. Gone are the days where you mom would constantly bug you to "shut the door", or having to leave your place in the cashier's counter to close the door that your customer left open. These door closers have not only made our lives easier, it has also helped in making our homes and businesses more secure and safe.


There are many types of door closers out in the market today. To help you make the best decision regarding which door closer to purchase for your home or business, we've listed down a few of the more popular types of door closers.


The Yale 2300BC Series Door Closer is a durable, yet economically priced door closer. It can be used on either exterior or interior doors and is great for light commercial and industrial spaces. This can also be used with narrow steel aluminum doors and frames.


A door closer that features a back-check cushioning and positioning in the door's opening and closing cycle is theta Yale Narrow Projection Full Cover Door Closer. It features a latch speed control and a spring power adjustment to allow the door closer to adjust to the door frame and environmental conditions.


In high-rise, high-abuse situations, the Corbin Door Closer is the perfect solution. Great for both old and newly constructed buildings, these fulfill security and life safety requirements. In the last 20 years, millions of this unit have been sold and can be used on virtually any type of door.


An Electromechanical Door Closer comes with a code-compliant electromechanical hold-open. This door closer is durable and is best used with newly constructed or newly renovated buildings. It can also be linked to a smoke, fire or heat detectors as well as existing security systems easily.


Safeguard™ Door Closers are ideal for single or double door applications. The great thing about Safeguard™ door closers is that it comes with a built-in smoke detector. It combines the strength of a heavy duty surface closer with a code compliant smoke detector and electro-mechanical hillier. This type of door closer can be used independently or linked to a smoke, fire or heat detectors as well as independent security systems.


Proven Corwin Russwin quality in an economical door closer, the DC 4600 Series Door Closers are ideal for moderate traffic situations. It is easy to use, reliable and fire code compliant.


It is amazing what a small device such as this can do for your home or business! Whether it is for home or business use, there is a door closer that will fit your needs. We can help! Visit our website for more information. 

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I hate it when my kids leave the door open and I need to get up to close it again. I especially hate it when I am in the middle of an important task. My husband got these door closers installed because he was sick of me griping about being interrupted because the kids leave the door open. Such a small device but it has given me so much peace!
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