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All about Intercoms
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All about Intercoms

An easy way to communicate with your family members at home while avoiding having to shout at the top of your lungs is installing a home intercommunication system - more commonly known as an Intercom.


An intercom system allows people to communicate via Radio waves and come in either hardwired or wireless systems. Some people prefer the hardwired system as it is cheaper, however those who do not want to deal with having to install many wires in their homes prefer the wireless ones.


An intercom system provides a connection between the exterior and the interior of your home. The outside door panel would be fitted with a microphone, a speaker and sometimes a video camera. When your visitor rings the doorbell, the front door panel transmits a signal to the internal console. This makes it possible for you to communicate, and in some cases see, your visitor prior to letting them in to ensure safety for you, your family and your home.


You can also use the intercom system as a means of communicating with the people at home without having to scream and shout. One press of a button and your husband, daughter, son, niece or nephew can hear you. Calling everyone to dinner is no longer a chore or a hazard to people's ears.


Another benefit of having an intercom system in your home is you can play music via the console and the entire house will hear it. This is a great feature. You can play relaxing music all day, everyday.


This is also great for people who are either bedridden or are confined to a wheelchair. Due to the fact that their movement is limited, and in some cases speech is limited as well, the intercom comes in quite handy. Just by pressing a button, they can speak to anyone in the house.


So not only does an intercom system make it easier for you to communicate with people around the house, it also provides you with a bit of entertainment. On top of all that, it provides you better home security as well. Isn't it amazing how such a small device can do so much?


To learn more about intercom systems and other home communication devices, please visit our website at

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You are so right about the intercom being handy for sick people. My mother is often sick and bedridden (she is 87 years old) and would find it difficult to speak loudly or to even walk around the house. This device has done wonders for her. I don't think I would be able to care for her as easily as I do now if this system didn't exist.
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