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Keep Your Business Establishment Safe
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Keep Your Business Establishment Safe

With all these news about various security crimes such as vandalism, theft and fraud, it is important to keep your business establishment safe at all times by having a reliable security system. These security systems help you take preventive measures to ensure a safe environment for your customers or patrons as well as a smooth, worry-free operation.


We at CBS Security Systems believe that being proactive is the most important factor in keeping your establishment safe. While CCTVs, RFID doors and other systems are sure to help, you can “beef up” your security system by keeping these tips in mind.


  • Make sure your doors are solid. Check that all the hinges, screws and jambs work properly.


  • If you are leasing a space that was previously rented, make sure to change all the door knobs, handles, locks and anything that can be opened using a key.


  • Invest in burglar-resistant glass windows.


  • Make sure your building is well-lit. Burglars often prefer to work in the dark and if you have adequate lighting, this will most likely deter criminals from attacking your place of business.


  • Check and secure any exposed areas. Check that all doors and windows around your windows are working properly – no broken glass doors, door hinges, etc.Check that all doors and windows around your windows are working properly – no broken glass doors, door hinges, etc.


  • Never place anything around your area that may serve as a hiding place for burglars such as crates and potted plants.


  • Keep track of who has copies of your keys, account numbers, passwords, etc. Regularly change your access/security codes.


Prevention is always better than cure! We hope that these tips help you keep your business establishment safe and secure.

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I always tell my staff to never leave anything outside our doors like boxes and wooden crates because it can serve as hiding places for unsavory people. I should have them read this article – they always complain when I tell them to take those boxes out or fold them but I think after reading this article, they'd understand where I am coming from. Thanks!
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