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Keep your Home Safe While You Are Away
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Keep your Home Safe While You Are Away

In this day and age, it is unavoidable that one must leave their homes unattended. This may be because one is required to travel for work, or leave for a family vacation. One can never be too safe these days. We've listed down a couple of important things to keep in mind so you can keep your home a safe and secure place.


  1. Ask your neighbor to watch over your home, and pick up your mail and news papers. Having someone check your house every once in a while ensures that someone will notice if there is something odd in your home - such as a broken window, or a door that has been forced open. Additionally, having someone pick up your mail and news papers also allows you to have the image that someone is home as the mail doesn't pile up. If you are not comfortable having your neighbors watch over the house, ask a close friend to stop by and check your house periodically.
  2. Make sure your trees and shrubs are trimmed prior to leaving your home, especially the ones near the windows and doors. Having plants and other fixtures near possible entrances offer burglars a place to hide. Additionally, install exterior lights to ensure that your house is never dark. You can also invest in lights that are activated by motion sensors, which light up when it detects movement.
  3. Burglars do not like to spend a lot of time i places they hope to steal from. Invest in high quality deadbolt locks, window locks and door locks. If it takes them a while to tamper with the locks, most likely the burglar will give up and run, for fear of being discovered. Additionally, if you have sliding doors, place bars in the tracks of the doors, or invest in a sliding door that comes with a heavy duty track lock.
  4. Do not broadcast that you will be away from your home for an extended period of time. Don't advertise the fact by placing an "away" message on your answering machine, or share the information over the internet via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, your blog, etc.
  5. Store your valuables and jewelry in a safe hiding place. If you regularly leave your home unattended, it is best to nest in a safety deposit box. Additionally, never leave your keys on your property.


While there are instances when one has to leave their homes, these tips will help you keep your home safe from burglars and other wrong-doers. We at CBS Security Systems understand your home security needs. For safety boxes, deadbolts, high security locks and other security tools, we are here to help!

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I regularly travel for work and while most of the time I can count on my friends to house-sit for a few days, there are times when their schedule does not permit it as well. Thanks for these tips! I will be sure to look into safety boxes for my valuables!!!
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