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Keep Your Home Safe While Travelling
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Keep Your Home Safe While Travelling

More and more people travel nowadays - be it for work, vacation or other reasons - most of the time having to leave your home unattended. We understand how worrisome this can be so we've outlined some important and helpful tips on how you can keep your home safe while you are traveling.

  • Remove or hide any object that would allow for easy access to your home such as ladders, boxes and potted plants.

  • Don't announce your travel plans online, and make sure that only the important people know of your plans.

  • Put your home phone on silent (or the lowest ring setting) and make sure the message on your answering machine does not indicate that you are away traveling.

  • Ask a neighbor or a friend to check your house every once in a while to run a quick check to make sure that your house and to pick up your mail.

  • Never ever leave your home keys anywhere outside your home. Burglars are quite familiar with all the hiding places!

  • Make sure to secure and lock all doors and windows.

  • Be sure to close all your drapes and remove any form of temptation from around your house such as unopened boxes, packages and gifts.

  • Make sure your garage doors are locked.

  • If you are leaving your car at home, be sure to remove any valuables, keys, and other items that might catch a burglar's eye.

  • Consider getting a light timer or auto lighting for your home. This will make it appear as though the home is occupied.

  • Although quite pricey, consider installing a security system in your home. This is especially handy for those who travel on a regular basis and often leave their homes unattended. Security devices such as cameras, alarm systems and monitoring devices are only a few of the options available to you.

Travel without worrying too much about leaving your home unattended for a few days. Make arrangements with friends, prepare your home and invest in security systems so you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday, focus on work or engross yourself in the experience.

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