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Lock It In

The locks on our doors act as the first line of defense against home invasion and any security breaches. There are many types of locks to suit different needs. There are the functional ones that don't offer much in terms of the aesthetics and there are those that can act as decorations for your door. There are keyless locks and industrial locks. Depending on your needs, there is a locking system out there for you.


Passage Lockset

This consists of rotating door handles and does not lock. It is often used inside the home in closets or hallways where privacy is not the main concern.


Privacy Lockset

This is designed more for privacy rather than security. It can either be a knob or a lever and has a locking button on the inside. It cannot be opened from the outside.


Dummy Knob

Mostly used for aesthetic purposes, this has no latching mechanism and it does not move.


Entry Lockset

The most important feature of an entry lockset is the dead-latch. There are different types of entry locksets - one type requires pushing of a button on the inside knob to lock and a key outside to open. Another type requires a key to open on either side and another that can only be locked or unlocked through one side.


Deadbolt Lock

The deadbolt lock provides maximum security. There are no springs to operate the bolt and can only be opened manually using a key or a turning mechanism from the inside. There are two types of deadbolt locks - the single cylinder deadbolt and the double cylinder deadbolt.


The single cylinder deadbolt is often used with solid metal or wooden doors and is operated with a key and a twist knob. Double cylinder deadbolts are operated with a key on both sides and is often used in doors that are either made out of glass or surrounded by glass. 


Surface Mounted Deadbolt

Surface-mounted deadbolts are often square in shape and is mounted on the surface of the door. This can be opened using either a key or a turning mechanism.


Mortise Lock

This type of lock is used on many types of doors and comes in a variety of sizes and designs. To install this, a pocket must be cut into the door or furniture. It can be opened from either side using a key.


Night Latch

The night latch is an supplementary locking system. This spring lock secures the door automatically and can be opened from the inside using a turning knob. A key must be used on the outside to open. 


Keyless Entry System

The keyless entry system is for advanced home security and convenience. This requires a code to be punched in to open or lock. Some models sound an alarm after three consecutive incorrect-code attempts. 



A handleset combines a lockset and a deadbolt.


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