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Panic Exit Devices Saves Lives
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Panic Exit Devices Saves Lives

An exit device is a piece of hardware mounted on the push side of the door. With reports of panic that we've been seeing, reading and watching in the news these days, it is important to invest in a durable and well made panic exit device. These panic exit devices allow you to go through your day to day business while providing added security for your employees, friends and family members.


These are just a few of the panic exit devices currently available in the market:


Corbin Rushpad Exit Device

Designed to be used in high traffic places with high-use, high-abuse situations and are ideal for schools, medical facilities, government and municipal buildings. These devices are available in a variety of styles and finishes.


Corbin Exit Device

This exit device boasts of a continuous gear hinge and is designed to be used with wood, aluminum and hollow metal doors or frames. This heavy-duty hinge system exit device can be used for both interior and exterior entrances.


Yale Traditional Exit Device

To maintain the architectural lines of the past and comply with the building codes of today, the Yale Traditional Exit Device is the perfect solution. Engineers all over the world use this type of exit device for historical landmarks without sacrificing the architecture.


Datex Advantex Exit Device

The Datex Advantex Exit Device is a single point locking device with a built in alarm that provides an inside and outside key control bypass of the alarm. It prevents unauthorized entrance from the outside while allowing emergency egress. A high decibel alarm sounds in the event of an unauthorized egress, and can only be deactivated by a special control key.


Datex EA Series Exit Alarms

A self contained door alarm with a 95-decibel Piezo horn comes with the Datex EA Series Exit Alarm. It is low cost, easy to install using ordinary tools and features a surface mount slim line design that blends with many architectural designs.


These devices require no special knowledge or training to operate and allows you to exit the building as easily as you entered, while meeting numerous security and fire safety requirements.


Keep your friends, family and employees safe from panic-induced disasters – invest in a panic exit device today. Visit our website at for more information. 

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Having a panic exit device in the building that I work at gives me peace of mind. With all these fire and landslides happening all over the world, it is a must to have an exit strategy in case of emergencies!
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