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Protecting Your Business Establishment
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Protecting Your Business Establishment

Preparation is key to making sure your business establishment is safe from any form of criminal activity. You have to expect the unexpected and factor in a number of possible scenarios. Security is one of the most important things that you should plan for - whether your business is big or small. Along with your business insurance, you should consider the following to keep your business safe:


1. Install security cameras

 One of the most popular means of ensuring security for business (and even homes) is by installing security cameras. Not only does it act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, shoplifters and the like, you can also use security camera footage as evidence against the thief. Security Cameras can also be used to monitor your employees and their performance.


2. Look into getting security alarms.

 Security alarm systems come with motion sensors, breaking glass sensors and window/door sensors. There are many security alarm systems that can be connected to your security monitoring devices. Be sure to have your security alarm set up in a way that it informs your local police in case of a break-in, a robbery or the like.


3. Employ Security Personnel

 Having a security personnel acts as a visual deterrent to criminals, as well as provide a sense of security to you, your employees and your patrons/clients/customers. Your security personnel can do many things, other than guarding your business establishment such as monitoring your safety and security systems, as well as provide customer care, on top of being well equipped to handle the crime.


4. Install Perimeter Lights

The dark is a criminal's best friend. They can hide in the dark and strike when you are unprepared. It is important for your business establishment to have proper lighting in and around due to the fact that proper lighting can deter criminals from committing a crime.


5. Key/Access Card Monitoring

It is unavoidable for businesses to issue keys and access cards to employees so be sure to monitor who are issued keys/access cards. Control who can make duplicates - perhaps have an engraving on the key that says "do not duplicate", so locksmiths are aware that it is not a key that they should duplicate. Regularly change the code on your security system as well.


In this day and age, being proactive about your safety and security measures is important. To know more about your security options, please visit our website at



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