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Safety For Your Business and Work Place
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Safety For Your Business and Work Place

No business is safe from the threat of natural disasters or crime - be it theft, property damage or people crimes. To help you make your work place secure and safe at all times, we have listed down some important things to consider.


  • Install security cameras in and around your workplace. If a crime is committed, it will help the police in identifying and catching the criminals. Security cameras also acts as deterrents for people who intend to commit a crime. Additionally, having a security camera system will make your customers and employees feel more safe and secure.


  • Always change the locks whenever you move in to a new property or office building. Invest in high-security locks or electronic access on all doors. Also check that your door frames and hinges are working as they should and are strong enough that it cannot be forcibly opened.


  • Never leave large amounts of cash in your place of business. Having a lot of cash or valuables in your work place serves as come-on for criminals.


  • Ensure that your building and surrounding areas are well-lighted. If there are any broken windows and doors, have them fixed immediately as well.


  • Have someone regularly check your electrical connection and lights. A spark can start a fire, and a broken light can cause a myriad of issues.


  • Always ask for identification from repair and delivery personnel. Never allow repairs to your security and communication systems without verifying and never let delivery personnel roam around your place of business unattended.


  • Ensure that your building and surrounding areas are well-lighted.


  • Your employee's personal belongings can spark a criminal's interest. Provide your employees and staff with a secure place where they can put their personal belongings in, like a drawer or cabinet - thus keeping it away from the criminal's reach.


  • Keep track of your office equipment and secure them with locking devices.


  • Make sure that there are clearly marked fire escapes in your building. Keep fire extinguishers on hand and make sure that all your employees know what to do in the event of a fire, earthquake or other crisis.


Your office should be a safe and secure place - for your customers and your employees. Follow these tips and you are well on your way to a safer, more secure place of business!


CBS Security Systems understand your safety and security needs. From door locks to CCTVs, from Intercoms to Gates, we have all your security needs covered! Please visit our website - - for more information.

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These are very basic tips, but often times forgotten! I will share this with my husband, I am sure he would appreciate this article so we can make our small diner more safe and secure for everyone.
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