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Safety in the Campus
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Safety in the Campus

Most campuses have a team or a department in charge of keeping the students, teachers and staff safe at all times. They make sure that all rules and regulation are adhered to, that there are emergency plans in place in case of fire or other natural disasters, that hate crimes are minimized and addressed immediately and promote a safe campus environment.

However, as much as these universities try their best to keep safety and security issues at bay, they cannot do it alone without the cooperation of the people. To make sure that you are out of harm's way, precaution is important avoid trouble and stay safe in the campus. 

Be aware of your surroundings and recognize situations that you can be vulnerable to an attack such as walking alone at night. Never walk around the campus in the dark alone - ask a friend to walk with you and watch out for each other. 

Always lock your doors and windows. Not only will this ensure your privacy, it will also hinder threatening elements from barging in unannounced. 
In the event that you notice a suspicious person, vehicle or activity - or if you notice a busted light, broken window or a potentially hazardous condition,  immediately report it to your school's safety department.

Save the emergency numbers on your phone for easy access. Take note of the areas where phones are available so in case of emergency, you will know where to go. 

Take note of your surroundings. Always be on guard when walking to your car or to your door and always have your keys in hand. If you take a cab or a friend drops you off, ask him or her to wait until you get inside the building. 

Never hitch a ride with strangers, and do not offer a ride to a stranger. Keep your car windows and doors locked at all times and avoid stopping in poorly-lit areas. 

Ask that all callers identify themselves before opening your door. For maintenance, repair or service personnel, always ask for their identification. 

Do not let strangers into your home - some people ask that you let them use your phone or bathroom. Be wary of this and direct them to a public telephone or bathroom instead. 

Be cautious when using the public bathroom, transportation and other amenities - especially at night. 

Make sure that all the locking devices in your home work properly. If you move into a place where someone else lived before you, ask if you can have the locks changed to ensure that only you have the key. 

You are your best safety precaution. For more safety and security tips, visit our website

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