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Kids and Safety
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Kids and Safety

Teaching your kids safety is not as easy as 1-2-3. You have t find the right balance of awareness, while not letting them feel anxious and paranoid of their surroundings.

So how should you go about teaching your kids to be safe without making them feel scared?

  • Focus on teaching and practicing the behavior that you want your kids to adapt when with strangers.
  • Assure your kids that they don't have to worry about strange-danger if they follow your safety rules.
  • Teach them to check with a trusted adult before becoming close with a stranger.
  • Be sure to let them know that it is never okay to go with someone they don't know, however tempting their offer may be.
  • It is important that they know never to give any of their personal information away.
  • Have set rules regarding answering the phone, opening the door and using the internet.
  • Reiterate to them that when in doubt (IE when a stranger says that there's an emergency or when the stranger says they are the police or other forms of authority), it is best to double check with an adult they know and trust.
  • Establish a secret family duress code and a safety plan for your kids to follow.
  • Teach your kids to trust their instinct. If they feel uncomfortable or scared, it is better to take themselves out of the situation.
  • Inspire open and honest communication. Let them know that you are on their side no matter what.
  • Explain to them that other than for health reasons, no one should touch their privates and that such instance should not be kept a secret.
  • Let them know that it is never too late to get help, even with sensitive issues.

Our kids mean the world to us, and their safety is of utmost importance. We at CBS Security Systems understand what is important to you - to always stay safe and secure in and out of your home. Visit our website at today!

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