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Make Your Kitchen A Safe Place
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Make Your Kitchen A Safe Place

Although our kitchen is a place where great, delicious dishes come from, it can also be a dangerous place. From the hot surfaces, to sharp knives, being in the kitchen can lead to injuries and disasters if safety is not observed.

Here are some steps you can take to make your kitchen a safe place.

Keep your kids and pets out of the kitchen. Not only can your children distract you from the task at hand, they can also hurt themselves by accidentally touching hot surfaces, picking up knives or tripping. Unless the kids are helping you or are learning to cook, ask them to stay away from the area.

Do not rush, as rushing in the kitchen will almost guarantee accidents. Cut food slowly, be careful when moving pots and pans and never run in the kitchen.

Always use oven mitts or pot holders. Use them for moving your bowls, pots or pans that has been subjected to heat. Do not forget to use these whenever you take food out of the microwave as well.

Be familiar with your equipment and handle it properly. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your appliances. Take the time to understand how it works and how to use them - and don't forget to double check the wattage the appliance requires.

Don't ever leave food that is cooking or liquids that are heating unattended. If you use a timer, always bring the timer with you so you hear it once it goes off. If you have to leave the house, turn your stove off.

Always have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and know how to properly use it before you need it. Also learn how to extinguish fires, familiarize yourself with the different types of kitchen fire and how best to put them out Because the kitchen is one of the most hazardous places in your home, keep a first aid kit here as well. Make sure it is stocked with up to date equipment, like gauze, burn salve, scissors, bandage, etc.

Food brings us together, and we at aim to help you have a safe and secure kitchen for the entire family to enjoy. Visit our website to know more about how we can help you!

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