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Maximize Your Outdoor Security Lights
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Maximize Your Outdoor Security Lights

Keeping your home in the dark makes it vulnerable. It makes your home a nice target for burglars and home invaders as the risk of being discovered is diminished by the darkness that surrounds it. These thieves would not have to worry about being discovered while trying to get into your home.

No one wants that! One of the ways you can make your home extra safe is by installing security lighting. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize your outdoor security lighting.

Cover all your bases. Having many lights around the house that cover various areas is better than having one big and bright master light. Do not leave large blind spots around your home and yard that can serve as a hiding place for home intruders.

Secure all sides of your home. Most people install security lighting near doors, walkways and pathways, as well as the front yard - however you also have to consider the other not-so-obvious areas of the house. Install lights in all sides of the house - front, back and along the sides.

Place your lights high up. Putting lights on the ground - shining up - provides more shadows and blind spots. Lighting that is placed overhead is better as it provides light to a wider area. This also makes it harder for intruders to tamper with your lights.

Regular maintenance is needed for your lights to work properly. Clean your lights and lightbulbs regularly to ensure that it emits a bright light at all times, as well as check and replace burned out light bulbs.

Be wise in choosing the type of light to use. White or clear bulbs produce a much brighter and cleaner light and are ideal for home security purposes. Avoid ultra bright lights as these can cast more shadows for the intruders to hide in. Colored lights, while fun, is not ideal as it distorts shadows and images.

Use timers and motion activated lights. These types of lights are perfect for security as it has an element of surprise. It will not be easy to predict where the lights are, and how to avoid them as they constantly change or move. As important as it is for you to be unpredictable in your schedule having a security light system that is unpredictable as well.

Having a security lighting system in and around your home can make the world of difference between having your home burglarized and keeping it safe. With well thought out placement, management and care, you will have a system that will deter burglars and home inverse.

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