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Outdoor Home Security
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Outdoor Home Security

While it is important that your house is safe from the inside by installing locks, deadbolts and other internal security devices, you have to consider the outside perimeter of your home as well.

Here are some things to consider in keeping your home safe from the outside.

STRATEGIC OUTDOOR LIGHTING: If your property is well lit, chances are burglars will not see you as a potential target. Outdoor lighting is very effective in preventing break ins as intruders often prefer to work in the dark to avoid detection. It is a great security option and should be one of the first options you should consider.

There are three types of outdoor lighting:

  • All night lighting - this is a popular option because it illuminates your entire property throughout the night.
  • Motion activated lighting - Motion activated lighting can frighten a trespasser when lights suddenly turn on. This option provides more savings in the end as the lights only turn on when the sensor is activated.
  • Combination lighting - This method can save some money as it uses low intensity light throughout the night, but when the sensors are activated, the lights turn brighter and brighter.

OUTDOOR SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS: Although not a very cost friendly option, installing surveillance cameras is extremely effective in warning the people inside the home while deterring possible intruders.

Some options are:

  • Wide angle lenses - the most common type of camera, it allows the camera to watch a wide area however as intruders move further and further away from the camera, it becomes more difficult to see.
  • Mid range lenses - this type of camera has a narrower field of vision but allows you to make out specific details from far away.
  • Long range lenses - This type of surveillance camera is extremely effective in capturing even the most minute of details. However, as with mid range lenses, it operates on a narrower field of vision.

LANDSCAPING: How your garden is laid out plays an extremely important role in your outdoor home security. A well thought out placing of shrubbery and thorny plants can deter intruders from entering your home. Tall trees should also be regularly trimmed to ensure that burglars cannot use it as a means to enter your home. Additionally, using graves and pebbles in your walkways can also help as it makes sound - sound that your would be intruder does not want you to hear!

ROUTINE: Burglars often case a place before going in for the big score. So keep them guessing and change up your routine every once in a while. Additionally, if you have a covered parking space, utilize it. One of the most common things a burglar watches out for is whether you are inside by watching if your car is parked in it's usual spot or not.

There are various effective ways on how you can keep your home safe - even from the outside. Visit our website for your home security needs. 


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