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Safety At Work
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Safety At Work

The law requires that employers provide their employees with safe working conditions, free of known dangers. The safety and health of the workforce is essential to the success of the business. But having a safe working environment is not just the business owner's responsibility. Everyone - employers and employees - have a role to play in making your workplace a safe and healthy one.

Employers and Business Owners

  • All employers or business owners must ensure that all employees are properly trained and supervised so they can work safely.
  • It is important that the safety regulations and rules are properly cascaded to all employees.
  • Employers/Business Owners must work with the employees in identifying the hazards in the work place and ensuring that those hazards are eliminated, isolated or minimized.
  • Employees should always be provided with information about imminent and potential hazards and how they can protect themselves from it.
  • It is imperative that all employers or business owners provide proper, well-working equipment, as well as protective clothing needed to get the job done to all employees.
  • All safety-related incidents should be recorded and investigated promptly.


  • Employees must always be involved in processes put in place by the business owners or the employers to improve the health and safety of the company.
  • It is important that all employees follow procedures, rules and regulations at all times.
  • The right equipment should be used by the employees to get the job done.
  • Existing employees should assist new employees in becoming familiar with and understanding the safety practices in place.
  • Communicating any and all safety concerns to the business owner or employer is also a responsibility of the employee.
  • You should ensure that your behavior does not put others at risk – so if you are not feeling well, suffering from a medical condition or going through a difficult period in your life, speak to your supervisor as your inability to perform your work can affect everyone else in the company.  

Everyone benefits from being more involved. An investment in your employees' (and business) safety is an investment, ensuring everyone's success.

We can help you achieve a safe business environment. To know more about safety and security that we offer, visit our website at today.  

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