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Door Closers
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Door Closers

CBS Security Systems has high quality door closers, ranging widely from commercial door closers and cabin door closers to heavy duty surface closers with smoke-detector and electro-mechanical holder. Easy to use, highly efficient and economical, our door closers are light in weight and stylish in looks. 

Yale 2300 BC Series Door Closer

is a durable economically priced closer for use on both exterior and interior doors in light commercial and industrial applications. It is ideal for use with narrow stile alu- minum doors and frames

Yale Narrow Projection Full-Cover Door Closers

They feature backcheck cushioning and backcheck positioning in the door’s opening cycle and closing and latch speed control in the door’s closing cycle. In addition, they feature spring power adjustment to permit the closer’s power to be fine tuned to door, frame and environmental condition.

Corbin Door Closers

Proven effective in high-use, high-abuse situations, with millions of units in service for over 20 years. These Door Closers fulfill security and life safety requirements. Ideal for virtually all door openings and draft conditions in both new construction and renovations,

Electromechanical Door Closers

The proven durability of a this door closer with the added benefit of code compliant electromechanical hold-open. Easily linked into a smoke, fire, heat or security system, this unit is best used in new construction or renovation

Safegard™ Door Closers

This door control with integral smoke detector unit combines the strength of a heavy duty surface closer with a code compliant smoke detector and electro- mechanical holder. deal for single or double door applications, either used independently or linked to a smoke, fire, heat or security system.

DC4600 Series Door Closers

Proven Corbin Russwin quality in an economical door closer. Ease of use, reliable performance and fire code compliance make the DC4600 Series Door Closer ideal for moderate traffic

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