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Elvox Intercom Repair - New York, NYC
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Intercom repair


We have stocks of the high-tech and stylish Elvox intercoms to design and install these intercoms. We offer high quality lobby panels, doorchime, doorbell intercom, push button, buzzer systems, intercom power supply and intercom amplifier of Elvox intercoms. We repair and restore Elvox intercoms and have all its spare parts in stock.

Digital switchboard concierge station

The Elvox® 945B switchboard Digibus System provides conversation with apartment stations as well as a door entry panel(s). LCD readout annunciates both incoming and outgoing calls, F1 and F2 emergency/alarm signals

by apartment code. Call memory stores unanswered call for future

reference. Call signaling is by pleasant electronic tone. Simple call

and answering procedures provide a quick and error free communication system.

 The DigiBus Desktop Switchboard Station 945B has provisions for Day/Night operation with part time doorman by switching conversation to entry

panel(s). Remote lock control pushbutton allows the concierge station to control a remote door lock(s) at the entry panels.

General information

Wasd`1  -Compact Design

-LCD Apartment Annunciation

-Remote Lock Activation

-Duplex Voice Operation

-Call Transfer Operation

-Call Conference Operation

-Pleasant Electronic Call Tone

-Day/Night Operation

-Designed for operation with 8 Digit 

elvox_1200 series. entry panel

Door Entry - 1200 Series - Audio / Video Entry Panels - 

Stylish design at the forefront of the audio and video door entry system 
8/10 thick embossed stainless steel entrance panel can be flush mounted with back box or surface wall-mounted 
The entrance panel has a stainless steel front with two, die-cast aluminium header pieces to fasten the front to the frame using a special ELVOX screw. The frame is also stainless 

Elvox_Brass intercom panel
elvox_aluminum video intercom panel
elvox_6600 series audio open voice intercom
elvox_8870 intercom station

The Elvox Model 8870 is a new elegantly styled handset based on the rock solid 870 series. Each unit is equipped with a handset with a speaker and electret microphone providing crisp, clear audio. Ring signal is provided by an integral buzzer. Quick, easy, wire capture terminal block makes installation very simple. The 8870 has a standard hookswitch

elvox_6200 series open voice video intercom
elvox_6300 series

Elvox Series 6300  apartment house series monitors are designed to meet any requirement for video-intercom security.  These attractive monitors surface mount right onto the wall. All 6300 monitors feature a crystal clear 4.0" black  and white monitor 

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