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SIMPLEX Combination Locks
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SIMPLEX Combination Locks

Whatever the size of your facility or the nature of your business, CBS Security Systems has the access control systems to protect your people, your assets, and your intellectual property.

Our stand-alone and on-line systems simplify user access and re-keying with combination code, magnetic-stripe, proximity, biometrics and smart card technologies.

Mechanical Pushbutton Lock 1000 Series

Users can select their own codes and programming takes no more than entering several digits

Primary mechanical lockset 6200 Series

This lock is ideal for front and rear doors, garage doors, utility rooms and workshops. It automatically relocks each time the door closes.

Mechanical Pushbutton Lock 3000 Series

Maintenance costs are negligible since there are no keys, computers or wiring, and single-code locks require no batteries.

Electronic Pushbutton Lock System 4000 Series

Ruggedly constructed electronic lock that helps you restrict access to “employees only” and restricted areas within the organization.

Mechanical Pushbutton Lock 3000 & 3001 Series

Offers slim-line access control for narrow-stile aluminum and glass entrance and perimeter doors.

Auxiliary Pushbutton lock

These rugged, weather-resistant locksets can be mounted abouve existing locksets or used alone.

Primary mechanical lockset L1000 Series

This lock is ideal for high-frequency use in hospitals, entrances to commercial buildings, apartments and schools.


for Extended Stay and Time Share Hotels, Resorts and Condos

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